A better breakfast cereal

Local farm fresh food

Looking for local, healthy sources of beef, poultry, pork or game?  Look no further.  We created this list of local organic and non-organic farms to help you source healthy meat choices for your family.  Many of our patients are reluctant to buy meat in the regular...
A better breakfast cereal

Managing Your Muffin Top

Muffin tops aren’t just for middle aged women anymore!  Men and women of all ages are spilling over their pants in  increasing numbers.  This phenomenon, known as central adiposity happens when a number of factors collide in your body: 1. Increasingly stressful...
A better breakfast cereal

Jazzing up your water

With this summer heat, I am reminded of how many unhealthy cooling beverages there are available on the market.   Before you reach for that cold pop or fruit juice, consider making water your choice.  Patients often say to me that they get tired of drinking water or...

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