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This is the guiding principle of Naturopathic Medicine; First, Do No Harm. This principle underlies both the training and practice of the naturopathic approach to health and healing.


There are times in our life when we have challenges that impact our daily lives. Psychotherapy can help. Psychotherapy gives us the space and time to work through our personal issues in a confidential, supportive and objective environment.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a comprehensive intervention involving a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissues and joints of the body. The purpose of massage therapy is to prevent, develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function or relieve pain.

Chiropractic & Cox Technic

Traditional spinal manipulation has been the backbone of Chiropractic treatment for well over a century. The benefits of this manual movement of misaligned vertebrae are well documented and accepted throughout the health care community.

Electrodermal Screening

Electrodermal screen (EDS) is a form of computerized information gathering which is based on physics, not chemistry. A blunt, non-invasive electric probe is placed at specific points on the patient’s hands, face or feet, corresponding to acupuncture points at the beginning or end of energy meridians.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared sauna is a powerful wellness tool!  Use to treat many chronic health conditions and to assist in detoxification, Cornerstone’s infrared sauna is medical grade to ensure a healthy sauna experience.  The sauna is located on the second floor of the centre with access to a beautiful river rock shower.


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine are ancient healing systems that can help balance body systems and relieve pain.  Acupuncture is a relatively painless procedure that stimulates the release of endorphins, encourages blood flow and induces deep relaxation.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of medicine that views the body in terms of excesses or deficiencies and uses herbs and acupuncture to promote healing.

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