With this summer heat, I am reminded of how many unhealthy cooling beverages there are available on the market.   Before you reach for that cold pop or fruit juice, consider making water your choice.  Patients often say to me that they get tired of drinking water or that their kids simply “won’t” drink water.  Wow.  It is incredibly difficult, and I would argue, almost impossible to heal if you are dehydrated.  Water really is a life force.

I came home tonight to find that my husband had sliced fresh lemons and limes into a glass water jug and filled it with ice and filtered water (I hope he washed them! ed. yes, he did – .).  It was delicious and incredibly refreshing.  Then I started to remember some of the other concoctions we have come up with over the years.  My kids love chlorophyll water.  Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants and is incredibly nourishing and alkalinizing.  I like the Nature’s Sunshine brand with the hint of peppermint that makes your water minty fresh (bad breath solution).  How about fresh mint (bruised) and frozen strawberries?   You can also “ice” herbal tea after it cools for a calorie and sugar free twist on water.  You get the idea – stay hydrated!

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