There are times in our life when we have challenges that impact our daily lives. Psychotherapy can help. Psychotherapy gives us the space and time to work through our personal issues in a confidential, supportive and objective environment. People will seek psychotherapy to deal with:
Self Esteem Learn how to deal with emotions
Self Acceptance Grief
Improve Confidence Stress
Relationships Anxiety
Create happiness Transform negative thought patterns
Learn about self Change limiting behaviors and beliefs
My philosophy is to give clients a safe space to understand themselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I believe that taking the time to know ourselves on a deeper level, gives us greater awareness and ultimately acceptance. This acceptance gives us the power to make more conscious choices and live more authentically.
“During my sessions with Natalie, she always listened to me absolutely and completely. She encouraged me to question ingrained patterns of thought and suggested techniques for challenging those that didn’t serve me anymore. She never tried to “fix” me but acted as a guide through my own process of self-exploration. She provided me with a place of safety where I could talk through my fears without any fear of judgment. She was instrumental at helping me to begin healing some very old and deep hurts and I am forever grateful. I recommend her whole-heartedly and without reservation.” – F.W.
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New patients, please call (905) 702-1944 to book your first appointment.

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