For those few of you who haven’t yet heard – you have 4 more days to start your Fitness Challenge.  Every February, my challenge to all of you is to exercise for 28 consecutive days (starting any day from Feb. 1st to 15th) for a minimum of 15 minutes.  No, gentlemen, sex doesn’t count and neither does vacuuming.. ladies.

You must record your exercise and submit the record to me by March 15th  ([email protected]).   If you are successful (I will review all exercise records), your name will be entered into a draw for $100 in products or services at Cornerstone (any product or any service with any practitioner).  As an added incentive, I will be participating in the challenge as well and blogging my exercise for your perusal.  Please feel free to comment or criticize by leaving a comment at the bottom of this entry.

Day 1 (Saturday, Feb. 2nd):  Normally I take Saturday off – but to start off my exercise challenge, I hit it hard!  30 min run (treadmill), 60 min weights/resistance training, 60 min light hike with my dog, Weezie.

Day 2 (Sunday):    90 min Moksha yoga (reduced heat supposedly – my first hot yoga experience and I perspired enough for everyone in this challenge).

Day 3 (Monday):  20 min walk with Weezie

Day 4 (Tuesday):  3o min walk with Weezie, 60 minutes weights/resistance

Day 5  (Wednesday): 30 min brisk walk

Day 6 (Thursday):   45 min run (treadmill), 30 min weights.  Travelling today to a conference in Florida.  This workout was done in the gym, in my hotel in Tampa.

Day 7  (Friday):  15 min yoga, 20 min brisk walk (Tampa)

Day 8  (Saturday):  15 min spin (cycling), 60 min weights (Tampa)

Day 9  (Sunday):  4 mile run outside (in the heat, phew!), 20 min easy laps in the pool.  Home tonight late.

Day 10  (Monday):  walk (actually a slide on the ice) with Weezie.

Day 11 (Tuesday):  15 min spinning bike (warm up), 45 min weights

Happy exercising!  Here is a picture of my walking and running partner.



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