Today is a special day for Cornerstone patients.   Finally, the end of the February Fitness Challenge!   Hopefully you have all crossed the finish line injury-free, feeling proud of yourselves with a renewed commitment to daily fitness.  My overall observation was that the patients who participated in this challenge were the ones who tended to exercise regularly anyway.  As you can imagine, my intention was to inspire the couch potatoes, not the fitness fanatics!   I find it interesting that the patients who least needed the challenge were the first to sign up.  I guess its kind of like the “rich get richer”, except the fit get fitter.  So I would love to hear why you chose to participate, or not.  I wonder what will it take to get the “occasional” exercisers to commit to a more regular routine?

For me exercise has always been a joy.  I try to keep it interesting by trying new things and always having variety – truly, exercise has to be fun to keep you coming back.   I learned to downhill ski, kayak, golf and play tennis, all in my 30’s.  Very soon I hope to learn how to surf.  I’m not particularly athletic and am certainly mediocre at most of the activities I do, but I am motivated to keep up with my kids.  I really don’t want to be left behind.   Good health in later life doesn’t happen by accident!  It happens by laying a foundation of fitness at least by middle age (and preferably before that).  I have every intention of continuing my daily fitness throughout the month of March.. anyone want to join me?

Please remember to send me your fitness logs in the next 5 days to be eligible to enter the draw for $100 in Cornerstone goods and services.  You can email me at [email protected].  Congratulations to those of you who completed the 29 days of fitness and for those of you who really gave it a good try.

This was a lighter week for me in terms of intense work-outs, and I really missed them.  There is a real satisfaction that comes from pushing yourself – hard.  I really missed by tougher weekend work out because of some family commitments, but I resolve to get back to them this weekend.  My fitness log for the last week is as follows:

Wednesday February 22nd:            60 min yoga (moderate)

Thursday February 23rd:                 45 min spin, 30 min weights/strength

Friday February 24th:                       60 min yoga (moderate).  Left with a sore hip after “firelog” pose.  Who makes these things up?

Saturday February 25th:                   20 min walk (moderate)

Sunday February 26th:                       2 x 20 min walk (moderate)

Monday February 27th:                    25 min run on treadmill, 15 min abs/core

Tuesday February 28th:                     60 min spin (intense)

Wednesday February 29th:              2 x 30 min walk (moderate)

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