I suppose it was inevitable.  The official end of gardening season has arrived.  I pulled the last of the kale from my home garden recently, remorsefully.

The worst part is that I hate shopping at the supermarket.  Its a soul-sucking experience for me when I have to choose from the marginally fresh, slightly wilted, stickered and waxed fruits and vegetables.   I know that I am being pessimistic, but I can’t help it after a beautiful growing season like the one we have recently had.  So understandably, as the garden fresh veggies were winding down in September and October, I was beginning to crave really fresh green things.

Enter Nancy Desjardins – holistic nutritionist, who kindly reminded me that sprouting could fill the fresh vegetable void.  Duh.  I knew that already, but had shoved my sprouter away sometime in the late spring and forgotten about it.  I excitedly started to sprout only to run into the same issues that I have always had with sprouting – “why won’t these trays drain properly?!”, and “when do I know if they are done sprouting?” or “is that fuzzy stuff mould???”.  I’ve never had official training in the sprouting department, so I’m pleased to tell you that this week, Nancy is giving a workshop on sprouting and on her experiences living off the grid in Bancroft.  Join us at the church Sacre Coeur on Thursday night, December 6th at 7pm (fee $15 – all proceeds to the church).  To register in advance, visit healthlady.com/pages/winter-kitchen/

On another note, I have discovered that you can grow your own greens indoors all winter long (if you are independently wealthy) – check out www.urbancultivator.net.

Dear Santa…._



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