Before Christmas, I was sitting in a professional conference, enjoying the speaker, when I caught sight of an old classmate of mine (who frankly, I didn’t like very much).  More than ten years earlier, we had had words about something that had come to pass.  She made some accusations, as did I, and we have not really spoken since.  To her credit, she has attempted to contact me indirectly once or twice through social media and I have not replied.

I guess I’m holding a grudge.

Then I got to thinking about something our counsellor Natalie says – “who is your mirror?”  When you have conflict with a person in your life, it likely reflects a part of your own personality that you don’t like.  I thought about that suddenly, in that moment during the conference, and realized (with a sick feeling in my gut) that Natalie is absolutely right.  The feeling was dark, uncomfortable and sat in my abdomen like an ugly black ball.  I KNOW that these feelings are toxic, and that they play a role in disease.  We may not be able to explain it physiologically or academically, but we know that it is true.  Healing your emotional self is as important, if not more important than your physical body.

Which brings me to my real point – what am I doing, or, what are you doing to heal your emotional self?  Every day I am struck by the incredible commitment and passion that so many of my patients hold for their physical health.  This pursuit of wellness is very outward – very tangible.  You eat well, you exercise, you take supplements, participate in a detox once or twice a year, maybe see an osteopath and massage therapist for your structural self…  But what about your emotional and spiritual health?  How do you address that?  Does it strike fear in your heart to even consider it?  It does in mine.  What a daunting task!  It would be so much easier to keep “fixing” what is obviously broken – your diet, your supplements, your exercise routine.

This year, in 2012, perhaps it is time to take a first step toward tackling that intangible spiritual-self.  What does that look like for you?  For some, it will be attending church more regularly, prayer and quiet contemplation.  For others it may be talking to a counsellor and healing a specific area of their life – a relationship perhaps.  For others, seeking spiritual guidance and energy work opens the door to finding your true-self.   No matter what method you choose, it is undeniably essential to your ultimate wellness.

When I created Cornerstone Health, I wanted to work with professionals that reflected all aspects of wellness and health.  I thought that having one health professional in each area would be sufficient to meet the needs of my patients.  It is interesting to me that we now have three different professionals who specialize in emotional and spiritual wellness – the need is so great for this kind of care.  I am extremely impressed and proud of the work they do.  As many of you can attest, your health reaches a new level after this kind of healthcare (I like to call it spirit-care).  Unresolved emotional issues are massive roadblocks to your complete and ultimate health.  I really and truly believe that these old injuries fester, grow and eventually cause disease.  It really is the missing piece of your wellness puzzle.

Yours in health,


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