Healthy living begins for many when they see healthy behaviours in others, especially people they respect, admire or look up to.  So ask yourself, are there people around you who respect, or look up to you?  Children, spouses, coworkers?  If you model healthy behaviours, might they be influenced to do the same?  Isn’t it worth a shot?

Like a virus, good health spreads.

We can give you the health advice, the tools, and the knowledge, but you have to be the change.  You have to be the instigator of what is going to be different.   This we cannot do for you.   Those who are most successful  are the people who are ready and committed to growing their health behaviours, and who are ready to let their health blossom.

If you lead, others will follow.

So how do you start?  Simple.  Ask yourself this:

  • What have I done today to respect my body?
  • What have I eaten today and how can my next meal be better?
  • How do I feel today?  Am I happy, tired, sad?  Might that be correlated with what you ate?  What activity you did (or didn’t do?)

Answer honestly, because there’s no point fooling yourself.  Then make a plan to make one small improvement each day.  It quickly becomes habit forming, and you’re on your way.

We are here to inspire you to put your good health first.

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