Halloween Hangover

Every year, without exception, my office is inundated with sick children after Halloween.    Not always immediately… sometimes the reaction is delayed for a few days while the sugar bomb impact fully manifests. It is possible that sugar is only part of this sickly...

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Fall Cleanse 2017

Back by popular demand, our Clear Change cleanse program is a 10 day, easy to follow program.  This cleanse includes a shaker cup, Ultra Clear Renew medical food and an antioxidant supplement called Advaclear.  Online support is included as part of this program. Cost...

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Sharp As A Tack: Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline

We all know them… those seniors who have a sharp wit, a curious mind and a spring in their step. Unfortunately, we also know just as many seniors who are confused, overwhelmed and forgetful. If you have a parent or family member with dementia or suspected Alzheimer’s...

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Ending exercise resistance

As a Naturopath, I tend to see a portion of the population that is pretty healthy - or at least has a keen interest in getting pretty healthy.  People come to me because they want to treat the root cause of their illness and are invested in disease prevention.   As a...

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Fussy Eaters and the Friendly Dictatorship

When my daughter was three, she decided that she wasn’t eating fish for dinner.  No way.  Not. One. Bite.  I decided not to force the issue and reminded her that there was no other dinner option, it was fish or nothing.  She agreed and I excused her from the table so...

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A better breakfast cereal

I have always considered boxed cereal to be a poor choice for breakfast.  Why?  Breakfast cereal is highly processed, inert, and typically loaded with sugar and additives.  And yet, the majority of our youth reach for this human kibble every morning.  Most breakfast...

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February Fitness Challenge

February Fitness Challenge 2017 Join our annual challenge to encourage movement in the longest month. Simply exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, for 28 consecutive days staring by February 1st. Log your exercise and submit it to Cornerstone by Monday March...

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Keep calm and detox!

21 Day Detox Lose Weight & Master Your Hormone Health Cornerstone is shaking things up for the new year with a custom-made detox program to help you start 2017 feeling great. Start Date: Friday January 20th End Date: Thursday February 9th  (just in time for Valentines...

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January Thaw Detox

Ready to shape up and clean out after an over-indulgent holiday?  Most of us feel a little sluggish after too much food and drink.  Please join us for our very popular "Clear Change" detox program. This program comes in a 10-day or 28-day version ($99 and $199...

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Cornerstone welcomes Dr Ashley Girard, ND

It is my great pleasure to welcome our new Naturopath, Dr. Ashley Girard, N.D. to Cornerstone Health Centre. Dr. Ashley Girard, N.D. is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, and a graduate of the four year degree program...

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