natalie-portraitNatalie Haynes

Psychotherapist  B.A., R.P.C, R.I.H.R.

Maybe we aren’t so different after all?

As the holiday season progresses, most of us will be seeing friends and family.  This can be anxiety provoking for many people.  When there is animosity or personal grievances with friends or family members, social events can be daunting, even unappealing.  One approach to help us to make it through the season is to use a little compassion.

When you have been wronged or feel that you haven’t been respected, having compassion for another can seem like a tall order.  However, it may surprise you to see how it can help to ease a situation that would usually be uncomfortable.  Take a few minutes to think of a person that you have an issue with and look at not just the issue but the whole person.  Consider all the hopes, dreams, mistakes, fears, loves and losses that brought them to where they are in their life.  Consider what life would be like in that person’s shoes.  How would they look at the issue that exists between you?

When we do this, it can change the way we can look at a situation.  Having compassion can give us a different perspective.  We all want to be loved, we all hurt, we all feel joy and we all feel anger.  We may not all express ourselves in the same way, but we are really not so different!  Having compassion for each other allows us to see that we are all more similar than we believe.  Try compassion this season and see how it can work for you.

Natalie Haynes

Psychotherapist B.A., R.P.C., R.I.H.R

(905) 702-1944

Cornerstone Health Centre

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