natalie-portraitNatalie Haynes

Psychotherapist B.A., R.P.C, R.I.H.R.

Who is your mirror?

Do you have someone in your life that you find irritating or annoying? Take a closer look. That person could be a mirror for you. We don’t like to look at the unappealing aspects of ourselves so we see them in the people who trigger us emotionally. They become our mirrors, which can be a gift of self discovery and self acceptance.

We can choose to look at these people as a thorn in our side or look at these people as our teacher. You don’t have to like them but you can be curious about what they can teach you about yourself. These mirrors can show you parts of yourself that you are denying or aspects of your behaviour that you may be unaware of. You may have someone in your life who is angry and it annoys you. You could ask yourself “How do I deal with my own anger?”. You may learn about your own unexpressed anger or gain some awareness about the impact of your anger on others. Now that you have some insight into how you manage anger you can make a different choice.

It is not easy to look at the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. When we do, we create the possibility to fully integrate all parts of ourselves and have access to all that we are.

Natalie Haynes

Psychotherapist B.A., R.P.C., R.I.H.R

(905) 702-1944

Cornerstone Health Centre

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