Natalie Haynes

Psychotherapist  B.A., R. P.C, R.I.H.R.

Is Psychotherapy for you?

Psychotherapy literally means “cure for the soul”.  It is process by which a client and a  therapist enter into a confidential relationship in order to heal, increase awareness and work through issues that are impeding them from feeling emotionally well.  People will seek psychotherapy to deal with the following types of personal challenges: self esteem, self acceptance, confidence, relationships, grief, stress, anxiety, learn about self and much more.

Psychotherapy uses dialogue, exercises and different therapeutic approaches to help the client generate more understanding about what may be going on in their life. The role of the therapist is to be a guide as the client explores their own belief systems, emotions and behaviours.  Psychotherapy is not an exercise in dwelling in the past.  A therapist may ask a client about the past to work through old or stuck feelings so a new perspective can be gained, old stuff can be released and the present can experienced more fully.

Everyone needs someone to talk to.  I provide individual adult counselling in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

Natalie Haynes

Psychotherapist B.A., R.P.C., R.I.H.R

(905) 702-1944

Cornerstone Health Centre

6 Guelph St


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