Wow -what a flu season!  The build-up and media hype around H1N1 resulted in busy phone lines at our office.  The general public was spooked by the potential of this virus becoming a super-bug – but overall, the patients of Cornerstone kept a cool head and managed their health beautifully.  Following the pattern in other hemispheres, H1N1 died out after a not-so-scary second wave around Christmas time and we have had no significant activity in Ontario for 13 weeks.  At time of writing there had been no reported cases in Ontario in the month of March.   Interestingly we are currently seeing an increase in new cases in the Southern United States.  Georgia specifically has many new cases this spring.  The totals show that there were a total of 426 deaths from H1N1 across Canada and the general hospitalization rate was 25 per 100,000 cases.  Most of those hospitalized were under the age of 5 or between 40 and 65 with other serious health concerns.  H1N1 influenza was the predominant strain this year with very little incidence of other types of influenza.

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