Here we are, 21 days into our fitness challenge. If it truly takes “21 days to create a habit” then this challenge has served its purpose. Those of you who are participating in this challenge are hopefully in a comfortable groove. I’ve had fewer comments in the last week, so that either means that you’ve given up (I doubt it) or you are comfortably moving through your 29 days of fitness. I trust it is the latter.

As part of my fitness challenge, I returned to Kripalu – a yoga retreat centre in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. I haven’t been in a few years and decided to take my husband along to experience the beautiful countryside, serene energy and excellent food, as well as to try something new to him – yoga. I still smile when I recall the look of disbelief on his face when the instructor was demonstrating “pigeon pose” (those of you who practice yoga know exactly what I mean). Nonetheless, we had a fabulous long weekend with lots of quiet contemplation, great conversations and of course, lots of yoga. Which brings me to my point – maybe its time to jump into something new in your fitness regimen. If my downhill skiing, hockey-playing husband can embrace yoga, maybe you can step outside of your fitness box and try something new too. (BTW gentlemen, yoga is excellent cross training for many sports – particularly hockey and running. It increases flexibility and prevents common overuse injuries).

Here is my fitness log for week three, as promised.

Tuesday Feb. 14th Suffering from serious body aches from Sunday and Monday’s workouts. Walked the dog – 35min (leisurely)

Wednesday Feb. 15th 60 min yoga at Studio 2 in Georgetown (moderate)

Thursday Feb. 16th 45 minute spinning class at Staying Alive in Acton. 15 min abdominal work

Friday Feb. 17th 75 minute moderate yoga class at Kripalu (Ommmm)

Saturday Feb. 18th 75 minute moderate yoga class at Kripalu; 20 minute walk including a labyrinth walk for meditation (very cool)

Sunday Feb. 19th 2.5 hours of moderate yoga (two 75 minute classes) at Kripalu

Monday Feb. 20th No yoga today. 45 min brisk walk through trails in the woods (apparently there is such a thing as too much yoga)

Tuesday Feb. 21st Back to reality – 60 min spin class at Staying Alive Fitness (intense)

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