The second week of our fitness challenge is coming to an end and I am getting some interesting feedback from some of you.  My fittest patients (the ones who don’t really need the motivation of a challenge) think this is a “piece of cake”, because they exercise everyday anyway.  Others are finding it a bit challenging – but managing to do something everyday.  These are the folks I am hoping to really motivate to make a permanent, healthy change in their lifestyles.  Personally I am really enjoying the excuse to hit the gym everyday (like I used to before kids and a busy practice) and have tried some new classes and gotten back into doing weights regularly (something I find a bit tedious).  I am reminded of the wonderful camaraderie among regular exercisers in a gym environment.  For those of you who are having trouble getting motivated – start up a conversation with a fit-looking gym goer and see what happens!  It is particularly inspiring to me to see older people working out hard in the gym, looking great and clearly reaping the benefit of their hard work.  I also find it motivational to see really overweight individuals who have the courage to try running on a treadmill or who come to an advanced class just for the challenge.   So I hope you can stay inspired and keep up the February Fitness Challenge!  Remember to keep a log and submit to me ( [email protected] ) in the first week of March.

Here is my fitness log as promised!

Monday, Feb. 6th               30 min jog after work (outside); 5 min stretch

Tuesday, Feb. 7th              60 min spinning class at the gym

Wednesday, Feb. 8th        60 min spin/weight/stretch class (gym), 30 min walking dog (leisurely)

Thursday, Feb. 9th            45 min spin/30 minutes weight training (gym)

Friday, Feb. 10th                60 min yoga (moderate), 45 min walking dog (leisurely)

Saturday, Feb. 11th           60 min Box-Fit class (gym) BRUTAL

Sunday, Feb. 12th              60 min walk with Weezie through a very icy conservation area (moderate).  Trying to recover from previous day.

Monday, Feb. 13th            45 min interval training (running on treadmill, skipping, interspersed with weights); 30 min gentle yoga

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