Cornerstone Health Centre is pleased to announce that Nancy Britton has joined our health care team.  Nancy and Dr. Meier have worked together at other locations for 8 years.

Nancy has been providing electrodermal screening services to a variety of naturopathic clinics for nearly 15 years.   Nancy trained in electrodermal screening with a Toronto naturopathic physician and one of the most experienced electrodermal screening (EDS) technicians in Canada.   In addition, she has completed numerous training sessions provided by the software manufacturer, Biomeridian International.

Although relatively new to Canada, Electrodermal Screening (EDS) is understood, accepted and widely used in many other countries including Germany, France and England.  Today’s testing equipment is the evolution of  30-years of research using modern computer technology, a sensitive ohm meter and a signal generator.  In clinical practice, EDS instruments are useful as diagnostic supplements to blood tests, radiographic images and case histories.   The integration of reliable and valid bioelectric medical instruments into the clinical setting augment the ability to rapidly evaluate tissues.

Nancy is currently booking diagnostic appointments.  Please call Donna or Lynn at 905 702-1944 to schedule an appointment.

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