January Thaw Detox

Ready to shape up and clean out after an over-indulgent holiday?  Most of us feel a little sluggish after too much food and drink.  Please join us for our very popular "Clear Change" detox program. This program comes in a 10-day or 28-day version ($99 and $199...

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Look who’s coming to Cornerstone!

Dr. Nicole Meier, founder of Cornerstone Health Centre, is thrilled to welcome Dr. Garry Butwell, Chiropractor to the healthcare team at Cornerstone.    Garry has been in private practice in Georgetown for the last twenty years, and is excited about bringing his...

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More online booking options!

Thanks to all of our patients and friends who have enthusiastically supported our shift to online bookings! We piloted online bookings with Kristine, and watched the acceptance take off!   We have had 100% positive feedback, and so we are extending the capability to...

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Enhanced Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Services may now be covered under your extended health insurance program, if your plan includes a Registered Psychologist. Contact your provider to determine if you are eligible.

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Online booking now available!

Over the last few months we have been migrating to a new appointment scheduling system, and we would like to thank you for bearing with us as we've adapted to this new technology. One of the benefits of this new technology is the ability for you to be able to book...

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What’s Eating You? A conversation about emotional eating

By Natalie Haynes, Psychotherapist Introduction Hello, my name is Natalie Haynes and I am the resident Psychotherapist at Cornerstone Health Centre.  I have been at Cornerstone since it was established back in 2009, working with individuals and couples dealing with a...

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Local farm fresh food

Looking for local, healthy sources of beef, poultry, pork or game?  Look no further.  We created this list of local organic and non-organic farms to help you source healthy meat choices for your family.  Many of our patients are reluctant to buy meat in the regular...

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Saying Goodbye to Fall Allergies

This morning, while enjoying a quiet walk with my dog, I noticed a new weed in town.  About 18 inches tall, light green with a spikey head, RAGWEED was the predominant flora at our local park.  This rather innocuous looking plant wreaks havoc on millions of innocent...

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